It is what it is

You just have to be as good as you know how to be.
For some people, it won’t be enough.
You won’t be able to please them.
For others, it will be too much.
They won’t think enough of themselves to accept all that you have to offer.
So you let them go.
It hurts, it makes you question yourself, it makes you feel like maybe this whole love and trust thing is overrated. or that it isn’t really possible.
Once you get through that, you’re free.
Free to be yourself, and free to be able to enjoy people for who they are for as long as the relationship adds to both of your lives.

Maybe it’s a week, maybe it will be forever, you can’t predict that from a smile. But whatever it is, it will always be worthwhile.

You love, you live, you learn.

There are no wasted moments.

~Doe Zantamata