Start the day off right

Waking up in the morning, your mind is at peace.
Within a split second, all the memories of yesterday come rushing back in.
Choose to take a few minutes and think of all the great things that are in your life right now.
Keep your mind busy with as many great “right now” thoughts as you can.
~Doe Zantamata



--- Sometimes ---

when you trust,
your trust is broken.
when you love,
your heart gets crushed.
when you're honest,
people don't like what you think.
But one day,
your life will turn out...beautifully.
You will be surrounded with people
who you can trust, love, and be honest with.
And unlike the liars,
the unappreciative,
and the fakers,
you'll never regret
not being your best
or have to wonder
if your life
could have turned out any better
if you'd just had the courage
to be
and yourself
the whole time.
~Doe Zantamata

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Sometimes Poem Art Print

No buts about it

Watch out when you hear this word:


It tends to erase the first half of sentences.

The first half are the words you want to hear, but the second half is what's actually going to happen.
If you're hearing too many sentences split by "buts" like these, you may be living on false hope that what really is, is better than what actually is, or will be.

Some examples:
I really like you, BUT I don't want a relationship.
Iwould love to help, BUT I've already got other plans.
You're really talented, BUTwe're not hiring right now.
I'd love to spend time with you, BUT I'm too busy.

Don't live a life waiting on "buts." Find people who make room for you, not just make you wait around. No "buts"about it.

By Doe Zantamata