Self Worth

Recognize your own worth and you won't be drawn to those who don't see it. 
-Doe Zantamata

Always be aware of your feelings. They are the voice of your intuition…your inner truth. 

A lot of times in relationships, people are very happy and excited to be in something new, and are very complimentary and notice all the good little things. Then after awhile, especially in those who are insecure, they lose that initial "niceness" and instead begin to get comfortable. 

Eventually, some start to seem to notice only the little things they don't like or that bother them, and have forgotten all about the good little things. 

This can happen subtly over time, so it's good to keep track of your inner feelings at all times. If you notice not feeling right, don't second guess yourself or talk yourself out of it. Reflect on that feeling and what it means to you. 

There are some people who feel that once a person is "hooked," they don't have to work anymore. The initial niceness was just a show. If you're convinced that how they were is how they are, you'll be disappointed. The only way they are that way is if someone is new and must be won. 

Decide what you'd like in a relationship, what you really need, and what you just can't live without. Evaluate yourself on if you're giving those things. Evaluate your relationship on if those things are being given to you. Speaking up is a good thing, but if you have to speak up constantly about things that you honestly feel should be there because they were before, then it may mean that you're only in love with the persona your partner put on in the beginning of the relationship…not who they really are on a daily basis. 

Of course everyone is on their best behavior in the very beginning, but there is a big, huge grey area. Be honest with yourself on if who they are is totally not who you thought they were. It may be that you fell in love with someone who didn't really exist after a few weeks. 

By Doe Zantamata


  1. Hey doe the selfscan u mentioned here is so much direction leading. ....somehow I always try to project my real face and personality in the beginning of the relationship. that there should be no disappointment to be faced by other people later on. ...

  2. Losing someone you love can be really hard. It can make you question a lot of different things about your life. It seems like finding something else to focus on can be really helpful.

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