The Big Day - Too late or too soon?

A month or so after a break up, you will either:

1. Feel like maybe you should have given it another chance, a little more time
2. Wonder why on earth you waited so long. (Oh that hindsight is so very 20/20!)

Whichever it is, please realize, that there is no “perfect day” to break up.
You will either feel one of these two things.
The most important thing is to move on with no regrets.

Emotions and relationships are not have good days, bad days, a good week, a bad month...this is why it’s so difficult to tell when it’s a rough patch or just a rough relationship.

Wherever you are in a breakup, if you feel you need to give it another chance, then give it another chance. However, know that you may end up in Category 2 afterwards.

That’s not the end of the world. Category 2 is actually easier to put behind you. You know that you tried EVERYTHING you could, and it wasn’t meant to be. Just let yourself off the hook if you haven’t yet.

You were not stupid, na├»ve, gullible, or anything bad. You just hadn’t learned the lesson yet. Now you have, so, great…you won’t need it again.

Category 1, also known as the “what if” category. Usually, you were right in breaking it off as well, but this category is most often guilty for people nostalgically thinking this was “the one that got away.”

It wasn’t.

You just got out of class a little early that time.

The most important thing is to move on with no regrets. Forgive yourself, forgive the other person, and keep the lesson with you always. As long as you do that, not one second was ever wasted.

By Doe Zantamata


  1. I really enjoyed my long distance relationship I still smile on all the good of it , he was mine and I was his for 2 yrs.I love him with all my heart still have hope for him but I just decided not to beg him anymore he loved that he is a control freak and he lost it with me at the end. I tried everything to work with him on all his levels not mine his, but he was just to blind to see , and so decided I do not need to beg him I am not going to, I didn't he said it was my choice not his I was the one taking the action and to remember it was me ending the relationship not him because he promised he wouldn't so in this case he wins per say but does he? I think not he loses a person that loves him no matter what I never asked him to change I love the way he is and now I am moving on. This site has helped me with my broken heart. I will keep reading until I feel I am back to myself, thank you Zoe.


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