Finding out that you trusted someone who lied to you, cheated you, or otherwise deceived you, hurts. A lot.

But don’t blame yourself for “not seeing the signs.”Thinking you’re stupid for trusting someone is like thinking someone is smart for not trusting someone.

Neither is true. Mistrust for no reason has ruined a lot of perfectly good relationships. If anything, that’s stupid.

All you can do is your best, and your best is to trust someone until they’ve given you reason not to. If they mess that up, it’s their loss.

Trust is a wonderful thing. Never punish yourself for being wonderful.

~Doe Zantamata


  1. Mine deceived me by hiding the fact she was a talented,author and writer,I never had the opportunity to share or support her work or her dreams.She used these talents to communicate with her other men.Why would she do this,deny me of who she really is?Her very own words she puts on paper gave me the answer.I was no more than a piece of testing material used by her team,I was anylized put on paper and used for a blog,Every day I deal with this over and over,This sight is part of me.Its fictional though,Im the victim humiliated,and left totally hurt with no goodbye or closing.This is not how she got through it,this is my nightmare she created from her sick idea of coming up with a story.Its all over the Internet,everyware she writes,and gives advice.She continues to deceive me and humiliate me with this nightmare.Whomever reads this material is being deceived.

  2. This page has helped me a lot. Thank you Doe <3


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